This Is London EP

by Glide & Swerve

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Glide & Swerve go back to their club roots to produce This Is London, a bouncy club track that promises to have the dance floor bumping.

The EP features remixes from Jerome Robins with his stunning Midnight Train to Brixton mix and Android Cartels spaced out and twisted mix

mixes by:
Glide & Swerve • Re-Zone • Jerome Robins • Android Cartel

Glide & Swerve’s cloud-gazing electronica is the perfect companion to 2009’s summer adventures. Mining a similar path to Lemon Jelly, Ultramarine, and Zero 7, the duo’s debut album, ‘Bring Back Love’, is a beautifully crafted long-player brimming with horizontal beats, pastoral melodies, and Balearic goodness. The album has received critical acclaim and 2009 is shaping up to be a great reputation building time for this act made up of Ivan Clarke and Simon Glantz. Glide & Swerve can also take the tempo up a notch with ease and this is shown on the musically awesome This Is London. Melodic grooves and outstanding production make This Is London not only designed for the dance floor but lush in content and altogether aurally pleasing.

Release Date: 12/11/09 • Worldwide by Stylus Distribution
Name DJ Support so far:
Timo Maas, Jody Wisternoff, Judge Jules, Tom Findlay (Groove Armada), Mark Picciotti, Thomas Penton, Matt Darey, Funkerman, Frede Le Grande, Cid Inc, Nick Warren, Gabi Newman, Eddie Halliwell, Chus & Ceballos, Jim Shaft Ryan, Rowan Blades, Robert Owens.........
DJ Comments:
Thomas Penton - ‘Re Zone rocks it out!’

Jody Wisternoff - ‘Very Nice indeedy. Will play :-)’
DJ Soul - ‘will spin it this weekend i feel it will get a positive response for sure.’
Bert Bevans - ‘very nice house mix.’
Billy Steele - ‘Midnight train mix... big phat groove!! nice KICK, and definitely a floor filler.’
Nick Warren - ‘Original works a treat.’
Ryan Sullivan - ‘really like the Android Cartel Mix with it's rocking percussion and groove. I will play this one out.’
Timo Maas - ‘Solid!.’
Craig Demo - ‘Nice to see the Whoop! label doing it again.’

Mark Picciotti - ‘what an epic yet mod sound.   the mixes are excellent but the original stands out for me.’
Cid Inc - ‘Smashing! Android Cartel remix is freaking hot. Will play!’
Gabi Newman - ‘Nice Piano track.’
DJ Vibe -‘Great Thanks.’
Chus & Ceballos - ‘Good pack from Progressive to tech.’

Jim Shaft Ryan - ‘Really feeling this track - will support.’

Robert Owens - ‘nice track.’

Deko-ze - ‘Good package but the chunky original is my pick.’

Rowan Blades - ‘This is so hot man!’

Kazell - ‘Very Nice Ep. The sound takes me back to when things were a bit more musical. I'll definitely support this . The Android Cartel mix adds a different flava which is really cool as well. ‘

Tim Davidson - ‘Loving the original mix, great stuff.’

Kasey Taylor - ‘Android CArtel Mix for me.’

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada) - ‘re-zone mix big and rocking.’

Judge Jules (Radio1) - ‘Cool!’


released October 11, 2009



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Glide & Swerve London, UK

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